Found a new bitch to jam to! Check her out! She is fun, empowering and just good!

Do you have any music for me????

George Floyd: Justice

Justice has been served.

Black lives do matter

The fight continues on…

Cats vs Dogs: Which side are you on?

This post is stupid! Really stupid but I wanted to let y’all know that I am a cat person. I have two LIONS in my house that act just like any dog would do.

My cats like to go outside, come back home, protect the house, play, and chill. They are the definition of family in this home. Without them we would be us.

Dogs are stupid. They are command animals. You have to train them if they are jumping on everyone and everything. They poop like monsters! They need to go OUT to poop, like what the fuck! They are enormously cute and loving though and will protect you without a thought…if you trained them too.

My cats will not protect me from an intruder UNLESS that intruder is an animal, then it’s game fucking on.

No shit to the people with dogs, but your lives are too much for me. I’ve had dogs in my life and when they are taken away from you, it stings really badly. I can’t go through that again…

So, here we are, with our cat family. Loving every minute of it.

What animals do you have?

SEX: The Final Frontier

Is sex mundane? I have been in my marriage for about 8 years and I think I need to take a class. I have never been the most sexually woman. I never really thought of sex anything more than a good time.

I think I need to learn more about sex and what I want. What I like. Why do I long to have adventurous sex? Not having sex on a mountain top or anything but something with a story. Something with a chase, a dark alley, and the a struggle of words, then we’d fall into each other. Where we’d rub down a dark street and get lost

I don’t know if my husband is up for that. It’s more of a fantasy than anything, but isn’t t say what sex is, a fantasy..or is it just to make babies.

What do you think! How is your sex life??