Vacation, all I ever wanted!!..

Let’s go on vacation. Let’s get on a plane, masks on, and indulge on a first class flight.

Here, they know your name, serve us food, and let us watch TV from 50,000 feet up. We are happy. We are even more happy when we touch down to our destination.

Clear skies and a beautiful location. We check into our room, which is a lavish suite that overlooks everything.

We order dinner in and enjoy the breathtaking views as we eat steak and shrimp.

We all into love as we look out on the beautiful beach that seem just for us. How beautiful this is.

Where have you been to that takes your breath away?



Found a new bitch to jam to! Check her out! She is fun, empowering and just good!

Do you have any music for me????

FOOD PORN because I want to!

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

CUTE FOODS that I want to eat eat eat! Enjoy and smile

PLAYgrounds. Should be PlayWar

Playground aren’t for the faint

Playgrounds for adults are not as fun as they use to be. The hot sun beaming, kids screaming, flies, hot equipment, rude as hell…

I’m just saying I love playgrounds, they are great. I wish I had the same experience that my son has at them. Now, I watch these kids and hope they know that their best days ARE NOW! There will never be time in their lives where they are so free. So damn free.

I hope I can give my son more playground feels throughout his life.

Damn playgrounds.

90s Nostalgia: Do you remember?

Man! The damn 90s were the best times of my life. I hope I have a decade like that again

What do you think? What was your best decade?