Animal Crossing! Is this even a blog post?

Okay so who is playing Animal Crossing New Horizon! Wanna be friends!?!?

I love this game. It is so cute and there is so much to do and make. It is very relaxing. So much to the point where I catch myself falling asleep while playing.

Best thing is, you get to play with people from all over the world and they celebrate your birthday! What could be better!?

Animal Crossing is on Nintendo Switch!


Yeah, I don’t know about that either 😝✌🏿

Where are MY girlfriends??

Bitch, is this even real?

I’m starting to realize that I’ve never really had a group of girlfriend. This is probably for the better BUT I want to have friends to vacation with, have drinks, chill, and just be close.

Being friends with woman though is a lot sometimes. They comes with drama, tears, emotions. Boys are much more on the surface – they just want to have sex.

Where my girls at? From the front to back..

I have never been the most girliest girl. I’ve never really been in heels and dresses. My mother was the same, but I do miss not having girls around me to show me the ways of the girls.

Does anyone get it? Any I the girl without her GIRLS?!?!