MUSIC: Finneas “I lost a friend”

This song really gets to me because I lost a friend recently and it still sucks. I know this feeling isn’t forever but this song is just the right “Oomp” if you know what I mean


Where art thy ANCESTORS?

I’m looking for you? You looking fo me?Where you at?!!?!

I have been in a journey to find out where my people have come from. I have been meditating and asking for help to understand where my power comes from.

It’s really interesting where I have gotten so far but I have a long way to go. I know that my people are from Western Africa! Annnndddd that’s it. I am trying to find what they believed and what runs through this blood.

I like to think I am doing right by them. That my just living and doing the best I can is a dream for them but somehow I need more. I need to understand more. It’s a road, but what isn’t a damn road.

Anyone got a wagon or something? I’m tired already…