MUSIC: Finneas “I lost a friend”

This song really gets to me because I lost a friend recently and it still sucks. I know this feeling isn’t forever but this song is just the right “Oomp” if you know what I mean


FOOD PORN because I want to!

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

CUTE FOODS that I want to eat eat eat! Enjoy and smile

PLAYgrounds. Should be PlayWar

Playground aren’t for the faint

Playgrounds for adults are not as fun as they use to be. The hot sun beaming, kids screaming, flies, hot equipment, rude as hell…

I’m just saying I love playgrounds, they are great. I wish I had the same experience that my son has at them. Now, I watch these kids and hope they know that their best days ARE NOW! There will never be time in their lives where they are so free. So damn free.

I hope I can give my son more playground feels throughout his life.

Damn playgrounds.

Music: Queen “I Want It All

If you need a JAM today and forgot what you needed…well you NEED IT ALL, and you need it NOW! ✌🏿


Money can kiss an ass! If you got it, you got problems! If you don’t have it, you got problems. So isn’t the common denominator in all this is MONEY.

You can’t control money and the people who do souls seem to leave their body. They forgot what it felt like to not have it, if they never not had it at all. Money is such a need but what an ugly, crappy, do do need.

Money for me always has seem to come to me. I mean I eat, I have a roof over my head, I have shit that I like and love, but I don’t have the financial stability that I think I should have by my age. I can think of all the checks I have received in my off that went to beer instead of he savings account. How shitty..(but what good times)

Money doesn’t make the man. The man makes the money so why don’t I feel that way. People say you should get a different relationship with money, but how can you when the motherfucker doesn’t want to change either?!?!

What are your thoughts? Do you like money or can it kiss it too??