I’m doing a feature on my friend Jacki’s amazing jewelry at Creeper Designs. Jacki and I have been friends forever and I always loved how creative she is, but when she started busting out jewelry I KNEW I had to talk to her about it!

Okay so tell me about Creeper Designs? Where did the idea come from?

When I started I was mostly working with creepy crawly type Halloween stuff for portfolio shoots with friends. The name stuck even after the style change

What do you mean portfolio shoots? And how did you get into jewelry after that?

Friends would get together with their respective talents. Photography, hair, make up, modeling… that sort of thing. We would all get together and take pictures and we all had something to show people in the end. I’ve been making jewelry for almost my whole life. Even as a kid I was obsessed with those bead kits you could get.

I remember those kits! I could never do them! So tell me about your jewelry! What materials do you love to use?

It changes over time. Right now I use a lot of natural materials like wood and stone. I like how resilient it is. And almost gets better with time and wear. To me it feels more special than something that’s cheap and won’t last. There’s more character.

I completely understand. Your pieces are beautiful and also seem like they come with stories. How do you come up with designs?

It’s a mix of trying to create things I’ve seen to figure out how to do it, and making things because I don’t see them. I don’t normally go in with a set plan. I’ll open up all my cases and just see what calls to me.

That’s cool. Having the jewerly speak to you. Do you make your jewerly for a certain type of person?

My jewelry is for everyone! But I would say it’s definitely for people who can appreciate one of a kind jewelry. Especially when using natural beads, I could make the same bracelet over and over and there’s still going to be little differences.

That’s great! I can see so many people wearing your bling. So where do you see Creeper Design going forward?

I’ve very recently started doing silversmithing. So it might get a little more refined! But honestly, it’s a hobby and that kind of how I like to keep it. Being able to do what I want, when I want to keeps it fun. I like when it’s my get away and not my responsibility

Where can we go to learn more about you and Creeper Designs?

Instagram.com/CreeperDesigns to see my work. Custom orders and available pieces I list on CreeperDesigns.com

Well if you ever do make this into a full fledge business, I know you would take off. Last question, fun question! If you could eat dinner with anyone living or dead, who would it be?

Ooh tough one. Maybe Edward Gorey. I loved his illustrations as a kid, and now. He seems like he would have some cool stories.

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