SEX: The Final Frontier

Is sex mundane? I have been in my marriage for about 8 years and I think I need to take a class. I have never been the most sexually woman. I never really thought of sex anything more than a good time.

I think I need to learn more about sex and what I want. What I like. Why do I long to have adventurous sex? Not having sex on a mountain top or anything but something with a story. Something with a chase, a dark alley, and the a struggle of words, then we’d fall into each other. Where we’d rub down a dark street and get lost

I don’t know if my husband is up for that. It’s more of a fantasy than anything, but isn’t t say what sex is, a fantasy..or is it just to make babies.

What do you think! How is your sex life??


  1. Hi there, I hope you are a good witch.

    Sex is not a static affair (even without affairs). I am 61, AMAB, Identified as a woman at 59. I have become a lesbian, but it is more accurate to say I am attracted to femininity, so in that sense my orientation has not change. It is still an exploration. I won’t go in to details, but thought I would share a bit before getting banned from your blog (lol).

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  2. BTW your fantasy is totally normal I hope your husband is open to the same. Lots of love and luck.
    It’s Important we keep exploring different things in our sex routine that will keep the marriage healthy!

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  3. Sex… yeah… well… it’s complicated 😅 Great post though! And sexy fantasy! 😘 My fiance is happy with me so I guess when it comes to see I’m doing okay. I don’t have fantasies though. Maybe I should think of one 🤔😅

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  4. Ok I’m going to comment (as a man, and the only man to comment so far as I can tell) sex is amazing, but only if it’s amazing for both parties. If I may be a bit candid and straight talking (stop reading now if your squeamish about sex) I have loads of fantasies, and dominant in a way (not christian grey kind of dom, I mean real life dom) but personally for me pleaseing a woman pleases me more, if I can get a woman off and completely satisfied then I’m satisfied whether I cum or not. Albeit it’s not completely about sex, I like to make love to the mind throughout the day and satisfy through the night. Real sex isn’t just about foreplay and poke it in a few times, it should be about the tease and the mind fuck beforehand. I’m also the kind of guy that has to make the woman cum or orgasm (yes I can tell the difference) before I even enter, more often than not I like to make the woman cum many times before myself. Although a good quicky now and then is amazing, but the tease has to lead there 1st. That’s just my 2pence. Sorry if I was crude 🤣

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