Who hates their family? Raise your hand!

My family…

My family consists of all WOMEN. Women who are aged 92-60. They are horrible. They are stealing, lying, mean, inconsiderate women.

They don’t understand what their lives have done to my life and keep continuing to effect me. This is bullshit. My nana is the worst of them all. She should be a matriarch but yet she is a sinister bitch.

Why do I get stuck with a family who’s only goal for me is to DO FOR THEM! My mother and nana have never invested in my future all they have done is throw MONEY at me my whole life.

No savings account, no college fund, no future.

MY SON will not have this. MY SON will have a future from his mother and my grandkids will NEVER know me as my nana. NEVER.

Family sucks but you cant pick them, you can only go for the ride. I’m ready to get off though.


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